Tae Kwon Do

Erie, PA's Number 1 Tae Kwon Do & Martial Arts School

Tae Kwon Do translates to “way of kicking and punching,” as “tae” refers to kick with the foot, “kwon” mean to punch with the hand, and “do” means the way. This art form was adopted by a plethora of Korean martial arts masters in 1957.

Open to all aged kids and adults, men and women, our classes provide self-discipline, a confidence in self-defense and even other opportunities like tournaments and other special events. The knowledge of this art is like nothing else and receives the utmost respect. Tae Kwon Do is more than just a physical lesson; we teach the mental aspect and philosophy behind it, which is inner peace.

This philosophy is dedicated toward building a more peaceful world. Beginning with the individual, we believe this is possible. Furthermore, a development of character, personality and positive moral and ethical traits is created along the way in those who take part in this.

Focusing on the positive personality traits — respect, courtesy, goodness, trustworthiness, loyalty, humility, courage, patience, integrity, perseverance, self-control, and responsibility — can help this philosophy come true by forming a sense of respect in the practitioner for all forms of life.

Starting with one person at a time, this art can change each individual’s life and be passed on to others through proper teachings. It is believed that, someday, Tae Kwon Do can unify the nations as they dedicate to helping each other.

Reach toward inner peace and develop into a well-rounded individual when you enroll in our Tae Kwon Do classes today.

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