What is Hai Dong Gumdo?

Hai Dong Gumdo Classes

This is an art form based off the Korean sword. Historians have traced it back to the 3rd century when General Yu Yu founded Jangbaekryu — the sword fighting technique. It is believed that this art form made its way into Japan, becoming part of the Samurai’s arsenal.

Despite being eventually overpowered by the invention of guns, this is a martial art technique that lives on. It rules the mind, body and spirit, similar to other martial art forms. The different techniques increase a person’s flexibility and strength, as well as their focus and concentration

Beginning with simple footwork, Hai Dong Gumdo increases into cutting techniques, drawing the sword from its scabbard, and onward. Beginners practice with bamboo or wooden training swords before they move up to a steel sword.

Eventually, the trainee will learn how to cut bamboo poles, newspapers and straw bundles. As their skills advance, simulated sword combat and attacked/defending single to multiple attackers can take place

Hard Work & Dedication

A Hai Dong Gumdo practitioner takes many years of study and practice to work his or her way up the ladder, achieving the proper skills, techniques and footwork in order to translate his or her knowledge into fighting skills, even unarmed skills. It is sometimes believed that Hai Dong Gumdo is not the best self-defense technique, however, it does provide the following:

• Refined situational awareness
• Application of force
• Improvement of body control
• Improvement of perception
• Better understanding of tactics
• Teaching of honor and spirituality
• And more
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