little tigers class

This class is designed with 4-6 year olds in mind. The Little Tigers class is perfect for helping younger children develop coordination and concentration in a positive environment.


Adult class

Our adult classes offer a great way to become more fit and flexible while learning the traditional style of taekwondo. Students begin with basic drills and skills. As these skills develop, we introduce more advanced techniques.


teen & junior adult classes

Our junior and teen classes teach students respect, focus, and discipline in a fun and friendly environment. We encourage students to work toward goals as they learn techniques and basic self-defense. As they progress, they gain a sense of accomplishment and confidence that will help them succeed in many parts of life.


Sparring class

Taekwondo sparring is an official part of the Olympic games. It is a fast paced, high energy, full contact sport. Park’s Taekwondo practices Word Taekwondo (Olympic) style sparring. This class teaches the different techniques, skills, and strategies used in the sport.